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Report: Winter Classic Canceled

The NHL shot the hostage.

Scrape it all off boys; maybe next year.
Scrape it all off boys; maybe next year.
Patrick McDermott

From Katie Strang and Craig Custance of ESPN

The NHL has decided to cancel the Winter Classic, which was slated to feature the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs at the University of Michigan's football stadium in Ann Arbor on Jan. 1, a source told's Pierre LeBrun on Friday.

So that's it. The league threw the bargaining chip out about how the Classic would be the next to go after they canceled all November games and then were forced to play their hand.

This is bullshit.

While there's a strong argument to be had that we had already gotten to the point where people wouldn't have enjoyed the outdoor game at Michigan Stadium as much thanks to the increasingly acrimonious negotiations going on over how best to split the money that both sides believe is still going to be there when they stop flaunting their dicks at their own fanbase, the reality of the cancellation is just continued frustration and now a long and fury-seizure-inducing period of getting our money back less the service charges paid for the privilege of being able to buy a ticket. [Update: Here's's page on the refund policy]

Puck Daddy says that when they get around to actually having one of these big, fun, professional outdoor games, that they'll be right back in Ann Arbor. No doubt that announcement will be a joint hand-holding circus by both league and union leaders talking about how happy they are to be bringing us fans the event which they "unfortunately had to postpone", as though we fans will either forget that the cancellation was their doing or, even better, will somehow feel responsible for the millions of dollars in lost revenue for the state of Michigan.