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Quick Hits: November 21

This is the first hockey-related search result for "Brendan Smith"
This is the first hockey-related search result for "Brendan Smith"
Jonathan Daniel

Red Wings

Red Wings defenseman Brendan Smith thrives in Grand Rapids | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
The last time the Red Wings had to place a promising young defenseman in the American Hockey League during a labor dispute, the guy turned it into an award-winning season.

White regrets calling Bettman an "idiot" | ProHockeyTalk
Well good. That's settled.

Around the League

Opening of NHL free agency period could be shifted to June in new CBA, says report | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
How would you like to win the cup and then become a UFA two days later?

Claude Giroux injury: Orange Jesus returns home for tests, says report - Broad Street Hockey
The most fun thing about when the lockout ends is all the fighting over players who got injured playing in Europe.

Lockout 2012: UFA Day moving to mid-June and other things NHL, PA actually agree on - Fear The Fin
The players' association is expected to present ownership with a new CBA proposal in the morning to bridge the economic gap between the two sides but what are some of the things the NHL and PA already agree on?

Nashville Predators Make Some Good From the Lockout - Hockey Wilderness
Gotta hand it to the Preds' PR department for this.

Puck & Ink - Second City Hockey
Hockey and tattoos. Interesting read.

NHLPA set to deliver new CBA proposal | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun
All eyes are on the NHL Players' Association.