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Quick Hits: Stuck in the Desert

Hockey might be around in Phoenix for a very, very long time. Good luck with that, Glendale.

A normal sized crowd for a Coyotes game.
A normal sized crowd for a Coyotes game.
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Red Wings News

Abel to Yzerman - KuklasKorner | Keeping Teletubbies In Perspective
The Chief weighs in on the stupidity that is Riley Sheahan.

The Malik Report - KuklasKorner | On the Sheahan arrest and what it might mean for the Griffins’ players
Here's George's take.

Finger injury hurts chance for Red Wings' Cory Emmerton to develop his game | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
It's a shame Emmerton got hurt, but man, I really didn't see him with a huge future on this team. Him and Jan Mursak were going to really have to step up if they wanted to stick in the NHL.

‘Relive The Rivalry’ Red Wings Host Viewing Party Of Memorable 1997 Avalanche Game " CBS Detroit
If you miss hockey, here's a chance to relive some Red Wings' history.

NHL News

Raising Arizona: Glendale City Council votes to approve Coyotes lease agreement | ProHockeyTalk
20-year, $320 million deal for Greg Jamison once he buys the team.

Spurs’ Bonner cautions NHLers, says decertification "throws everything into chaos" | ProHockeyTalk
Just because it may have helped end the NBA lockout doesn't mean it will work for hockey.

IMPORTANT LOCKOUT UPDATE: I'm angry - Silver Seven
Here's an angry, fatalistic rant about the pointlessness of it all.

Things you DON'T miss about the NHL - Eyes On The Prize
We already covered what we miss about the NHL, now to look at what we don't miss.

THE BOOK--Playing The Percentages In Baseball
THIS post takes the position that the fact that Bettman and Daly haven't tried to prove the necessity of the lockout beyond "the players make too much" and "other leagues are doing it" indicates how unnecessary the lockout is.

Why you should Support the NHL Owners - Arctic Ice Hockey
This writer takes the position that the mere presence of a lockout proves the need for a lockout and therefore the only way to end it is to give the owners what they want.

The NHL Website's Fan Polling Oddities - Battle of California
There's something weird going on with the NHL website's poll writer.

End the Lockout.