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The Frustration of the NHL Lockout

The NHL lockout keeps chugging on and as the days pass I become more and more bitter.

Come on Donny!
Come on Donny!


The numbers, the comments back and forth between the NHL and the NHLPA and the cancellation of the Winter Classic.

This lockout has been way worse than what I expected it to be. I expected life to keep rolling along and that eventually everything would be better again. Oh, how I was wrong.

As the lockout became older and older and as the players started to leave for Europe I lost hope. I lost hope in that a season would be salvaged and I lost respect for the NHL. In fact, for a while, I almost lost interest in the entire sport of hockey itself. Heck, I even stopped doing my favorite thing, writing, due to the lack of energy and hope in the NHL.

There isn't one side that really is right and there isn't one side that we truly should side for in this mess. While I do side with the players (Really, who doesn't?), they will be fine regardless of how the lockout turns out. There are plenty of clubs in Europe who would be willing to dish out the money if players were willing to make permanent moves. However, the side that we should side with is ourselves, the fans and not only the fans but the people that rely on the NHL to support their families.

A very good friend of mine is one of those people. His father owns a private company that sells NHL merchandise. It isn't necessarily a business that you get rich out of, however, it is enough to make a living and in the end that is all that matters. However, due to the lockout very few people are interesting in buying any NHL merchandise, let alone from a small online shop. This has caused major problems for the company and this isn't the only example.

There are so many people who are affected by the lockout, either directly or indirectly. Furthermore, there are so many people who work for the various NHL teams and make hardly enough to survive in the first place and now with the lockout in full swing these people are struggling to stay alive.

Whether this recent glimmer of hope that a season may be salvage is true or not, I don't know. In fact I really do not care anymore. I am just going to let whatever happens happen and hope that we get the guys back out on the ice as soon as possible.

So there it is, my little rant on the current NHL lockout. I apologize for not writing anything recently, the lockout has had a strain on me and I just haven't had the passion for writing.

Anyways, Go Griffins!