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Quick Hits: Time Running Out

Regardless of how close or far apart both sides are, there isn't much time left to strike a deal.

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Dave Sandford

Red Wings News

Wings' Danny Cleary sees Jan. 15 as point of no return for season | The Detroit News |
Well, it looks like we know our doomsday.

Detroit Red Wings hold Salvation Army fundraising competition | Community - Home
Glad to see the team still participating in this even though we don't have hockey and the players can't be a part of it.

The Curse of Valtteri Filppula - Octopus Thrower
Is Flip really cursed?

Lockout News

NHL wipes out games until Dec. 31, sides have different views on progress - The Globe and Mail
Daly being a dick.

What the silly NBA lockout teaches us about the silly NHL lockout -
What can frustrated NHL fans learn from the NBA lockout?

Making the case for a class-action fans’ lawsuit against the NHL - The Globe and Mail
Were season-ticket holders deliberately misled when they purchased their seats?

Objects In Mirror Are Not As Close As They Appear | The Committed Indian | The Real Fan's Program and Your Source for All Things Blackhawks
Fels with a great writeup on a topic that makes him agree with Sean Avery about something.

NHL fan boycott: Will you support the Just Drop It initiative’s eye-for-an-eye approach? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
If you're ready to commit to a fan boycott, here's the latest.

NHLPA backed off money guarantees, suggested NBA-esque mid-level cap exception | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Not sure how I feel about this idea.

Westgarth: Owners weren’t up to speed on negotiations | ProHockeyTalk
This is a pretty serious accusation about the level of information that Bettman is sharing, especially considering the league has been floating rumors about Fehr not keeping the players informed.

15 year-old Connor McDavid is close to landing an endorsement deal | ProHockeyTalk
What do you think?

Ilya Bryzgalov, cosmonaut - Broad Street Hockey
Can't even make it up at this point.

Let's Go Red Wings.