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Quick Hits: Best in Europe

Damien Brunner leads all players in Europe with NHL contracts in points. He had chemistry with Henrik Zetterberg over there, let's hope that continues whenever the season begins.

Alexander Hassenstein

Red Wings News

Kovalchuk says Pavel Datsyuk is the world’s best center | ProHockeyTalk
Best. In. The. World.

Report: Brunner top NHLer in Europe - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Damien Brunner is the best NHL player in Europe who has never actually played in the NHL.

Niklas Kronwall to play in RBC Play Hockey Charity Challenge game - SB Nation Detroit
If your in the Toronto area you can see someone get Kronwalled (but probably not).

Red Wings' bell-ringing efforts raise $24,438 for Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign |
Good job Red Wings.

Comerica Bank Prospect Report - Tomas Tatar Video - NHL VideoCenter - Detroit Red Wings
The Wings latest prospect report looks at Tomas Tatar.

The 2012 (Lockout) Draft Class - Octopus Thrower
A look at the Wings top picks.

Lockout News

Meeting with mediator wraps for the day; NHL offer back on the table? (Update: No it wasn’t) | ProHockeyTalk
Blah blah blah blah.

Leafs Fans Say the Darnedest Things - Pension Plan Puppets
Holy shit this is despicable.

Brossoit, Wotherspoon Survive First Round of Team Canada Cuts - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Look how big a deal Team Canada makes of cutting teenagers from their team. Hooray!

The Winnipeg Jets killed my father - Arctic Ice Hockey
The heartfelt story of a man, his father and the common bond they shared through the sport of hockey.

Effects of a new CBA - The Hockey News
How will a new CBA that redefines the economic landscape of the NHL effect its 30 teams. Spector looks at the numbers if what's on the table (or is it?) gets signed tomorrow.

Want stop the fiscal cliff from advancing? Cut welfare to sports. | : Patrick Hruby Article
Long-form read on the evils of sports welfare and how they "steal" from taxpayers.

I was totally hacked, you guys: NHL mishaps across the Twitter-verse - Eyes On The Prize
NHLers (and former NHLers) have taken to blaming mysterious "hackers" for the controversial opinions, offensive jokes, and private messaging misfires they've been posting on Twitter.

How Patrick Kane’s mom kept him in check in Switzerland during NHL lockout | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Before bed every night, Patrick Kane's mother would tuck him in and give him his binky with a soothing "There there. That mean old Franzen can't take it away from you here in Switzerland."

Let's Go Red Wings.