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Quick Hits: The World Is Ending

Well the world may not be ending but after yesterdays unsurprising cancellations, I think it's safe to say the hockey world as we know it may be coming to an end.

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Jonathan Daniel

Red Wings News

Poll: If NHLPA files disclaimer of interest will it help end the lockout? |
I think it will help but I don't see it saving a season.

Watch to watch today: Former Red Wings take the ice for alumni charity game | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |

Hockey? Whats Hockey?

Report: NHL Lockout Has Chilling Effect On Business " CBS Detroit

Its not like Detroit already has a terrible economy or anything.

NHL News

Winnipeg columnist: Kane’s days are numbered with the Jets | ProHockeyTalk
Dear Winnipeg, if your idiot columnists want to run Evander Kane out of town, is there any possibility you dumb boobs can talk the team into making them trade him to Detroit? Thanks.

Jersey Fouls: Ultimate Penguins’ anti-Flyers sweater; Jets Fouls; Sidney Crosby soccer kit | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Jersey fouls: because hockey takes this shit seriously and that's part of what makes hockey great.

Top 10 Worst NHL Logos of All Time - Blog -
I always hated the Ice-Skating Penguin, but that one doesn't make the list.

Puck Daddy’s 10 most absurd moments of the 2012 NHL lockout | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
All the lowlights fit to count.

Cox Bloc Presents: What, Me Work? - Pension Plan Puppets
There's a lot of shit out there in the hockey media. PPP is looking for the single worst article by a Canadian writer of 2012. If you've got something to nominate (like from Ken Campbell or Robert Tychkowski for instance), head over and drop the nomination.

I Can Never Die - Battle of California
Rudy Kelly is finally out at Battle of Cali. I thought he'd never leave.

Sean Kuraly centers top line in Team USA pre-tournament win - Fear The Fin
So one North American team beat a Scandinavian team at the World Juniors yesterday. It wasn't smelly old Canada.

Blues' Mascot Louie Nominated For Major Award - St. Louis Game Time
The Blues stupid bear mascot is up for an award.

‘Challenge’ proposal would see amateur teams vie for Stanley Cup - The Globe and Mail
Interesting, but not going to work.

The Ballad of Earl Sleek - Battle of California
Earl Sleek, this is your (blogging) life!

Some non-thoughts on the United States/Sweden tune-up | Backhand Shelf |
For those following the World Juniors.

Lets Go Wings!