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Quick Hits: Ilitch Arena

Mike Ilitch wants to revitalize Detroit. A new arena and development downtown will help.

Jorge Lemus

Red Wings News

The Ilitches’ arena announcement is expertly-timed for three reasons | The Malik Report - KuklasKorner
Why did Ilitch make is plans for a new arena known now? George tells us.

Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch can't wait for arena | The Detroit News |
More on the plan for a new development in downtown Detroit.

NHL lockout: Trying to keep career alive, Mike Commodore hits AHL - NHL - Sporting News
Commodore explains his current situation (yawn), but does have some things to say about where he's been in the past.

Lockout News

Five Reasons Why We Can Trust Steve Burton and His Report That the Lockout is Over - Battle of California
Not many people are putting faith in sports journalist Steve Burton's report that the lockout is over. But should they be?

Will disgruntled NHL owners stand up to Gary Bettman over length of lockout? | Hockey | Sports | Ottawa Sun
Gary Bettman has some explaining to do.

Lockout Impact Depends on Location - Pension Plan Puppets
The closer the worst; the farther the better.

An open letter to our dear owner, Jeremy Jacobs - Stanley Cup of Chowder
In case you didn't read the whole series of open letters, Stanley Cup of Chowder had a great one.

Bettman to hold press conference Wednesday afternoon | ProHockeyTalk
It might just be about Board of Governors meeting.

The 50 worst own-goals in hockey: Puck Daddy counts down Nos. 40-31 | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Part 2.

Let's Go Red Wings.