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WIIM Prediction Contest Update

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We're back with the standings of the WIIM Prediction Contest we've been running this season. The race at the top has gotten fairly tight and there's still plenty of time for people to catch up and join the folks at the top. Check out the standings chart and then read below for an update on how we're going to make things a bit easier on everybody going forward.

Name Points
Elfuego51 15
Kendal 14
Igorzba 14
darthferrer 14
RandomWingsDude 12
Jason T 12
DarthSparty 10
Rockdan 9
Holmstrom96 8
Pentatonic 8
rock n rye 8
Ethrdemon 7
DetroitSports 7
Nim ~ 7
tgummerer 7
stevenyc 6
Jebus El-Daboo 6
(9 tied) 5
(5 tied) 4
(7 tied) 3
(11 tied) 2
(29 tied) 1

ElFuego51 leads on the strength of 1 score prediction, 6 PotG guesses, and 2 bonus predictions (hitting both the score and PotG in the same game). Right behind is Kendal, who seems to be using a bit more of an all-or-nothing strategy with a 1/1/3 stat line. Meanwhile, Igorzba only has one correct bonus prediction, but 5 each of the correct score or player. darthferrer is just one correct PotG behind having the exact same stat line as our leader.

Our highest scorer to have never hit a bonus is Jason T, who has 4 correct scores and 8 correct PotG guesses.

Some final programming right now will push back the rollout for the new system until Friday, so tomorrow will feature the same prediction form you're used to. Good luck to all and stay tuned for more.