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Winging It In Motown Radio: Episode 13

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Twenty consecutive wins at home.

Pretty damn awesome.

This week on WIIM Radio we're joined by Travis Hughes of the SBNation Flyers' blog Broad Street Hockey. Travis is also the guy that runs the show on SBNation's NHL page. He's The Godfather of sorts when it comes to hockey at SBNation. We chat about the Flyers/Red Wings game and get his take on the Wings tying Philly's home win streak record. Does Travis think the streak deserves an asterisk? Listen and find out. We also chat about the state of the Flyers and dip back into the history and find out who's to blame for the Flyers losing the 1997 Stanley Cup final to the Red Wings.

It's not all Flyers vs Red Wings talk. We discuss Western Conference rivals, look at the week ahead and learn about a forum dedicated entirely to the sucktitude of Mikael Samuelson (seriously...this exists). Of course, the reason anyone actually listens to our podcast, we play a game of FMK starring the cast of Fresh Prince.

So enjoy the latest episode of WIIM Radio. You can check us out on iTunes and download the podcast to your iPod or iPhone. You can also download the episode here. Stick tap to Brandon Langer for creating our intro. Check out his other music on Facebook and iTunes.

Let's Go Red Wings.