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Quick Hits: Getting Down On Friday

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This is the look we'd see on Hank's face if Holland actually did trade for Rick Nash. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
This is the look we'd see on Hank's face if Holland actually did trade for Rick Nash. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
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Hockeytown, No Limits

Trade rumblings: Despite mutual interest, Rick Nash to Wings not likely to happen - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Nash to Detroit? Highly doubt it. But, if it was going to happen, it's more likely to happen in June than next week.

Coldhearted on the Red Wings' win streak, looming trades, and the rest of the week in the NHL - Grantland
Tyler got quoted in this article. Cool. You should read it.

Holland discusses Wings' streak on 'NHL Hour' - - NHL Insider
Mr. Holland was a guest on the NHL Hour to discuss the Wings' home win streak and a little trade deadline talk.

21: The Perfect Valentine | Puck Buddys
From the blog for "boys who like boys who like hockey," Jeff (nice name) over at Puck Buddys takes a look at the Wings 21 game home win streak and tells us the impact Glee has on our Red Wings. Plus, a cool story about "Hockey: The Musical!" If you've never checked out Puck Buddys before, I encourage you to do so.

Media Dissent on MacDonald’s Status Post-Howard Recovery — On the Wings
Good discussion here on whether it may actually be better to send Joey Mac back to Grand Rapids to get regular playing time so he can keep his game sharp in case he's needed in the postseason. After all, Howard's backup isn't going to see much action once our Jimmah is back.

Third String Goalie: 1968-69 Detroit Red Wings Alex Delvecchio Jersey
Great article on Alex Delvecchio and his history with the Red Wings.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : An Hour With Osgood
Our photochup guru Josh Howard did a fan post with this yesterday. An hour long interview with Chris Osgood that is worth the time if you have an hour to spare.

Eaves still battles post-concussion headaches - The Wheel Deal Blog
Patrick Eaves won't be back for awhile. I wouldn't be shocked if we don't see him again this season. What's most important in his health. He still has a bright future on this team for years to come.

Steve Moore, former Avs player, wins a court ruling over Bertuzzi attack - The Denver Post
Part of the ongoing Bertuzzi case is that Bertuzzi, Marc Crawford, and Orca Bay Hockey Ltd. entered into a closed settlement late last year in regards to their shared case. Moore's lawyers have successfully fought to get the details of that settlement made public, as they pertain to the upcoming Moore/Bertuzzi court case. Ultimately, it's a decision with which I agree.


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Around the NHL

Mario Lemieux was much closer to moving the Penguins than he'd like you to think - PensBurgh
Remember when Travis Hughes said on this week's WIIM Radio that Philly fans will always have the Penguins nearly relocating to hold over their fans' heads? This article backs that up well by taking a shot at the revisionist history parroted by those who believe that it was all just a bluff.

NHL will keep closer eye on arena clocks -
NHL officials will pay more attention to the clock during the final minute of each period as a result of an unexplained pause during a game Feb. 1 at Staples Center that gave the Kings extra time to score the winning goal.

Why Your Kid Should Play Hockey - Mile High Hockey
4. It's highly unlikely he or she will ever have to meet Mike Milbury.

Hockey Memes 101 with The Stanchion - Nucks Misconduct
Brad "The Iron" Marchand is this weeks guest on Hockey Memes With The Stanchion!

We'll Miss You Kid! - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Montreal mourns the passing of one of it's biggest baseball heroes.

Ovechkin and O-zone Obsession - Japers' Rink
Would the Caps benefit from sheltering Ovechkin from defensive zone starts a bit better? The answer is "maybe", but there's lots of numbers an' stuff in there. Good read.

The Anaheim Ducks are really going to pull this off, aren’t they? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
No, but they'll get close enough to keep them from selling at the deadline.

Trade! Philadelphia Flyers acquire Nicklas Grossman from Dallas Stars for two picks - Broad Street Hockey
Open the flood gates! The first real trade of the deadline season occurred yesterday. It wasn't a blockbuster by any means, but it could be a shadow of costs for the trades yet to come.

Dominic Moore traded by the Tampa Bay Lightning to the San Jose Sharks - Raw Charge
Shortly after the PHI/DAL trade, Stevie Y got to work by trading his bottom six forward to a potential Western Conference playoff foe.

2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Rick Nash's Trade Value - The Cannon
What is Rick Nash's value? It's Hudler and a 3rd of course.

Seattle unveils proposal for new NBA, NHL arena and teams in SoDo | Seattle PI Sports Blog -
Bring back the Mets!

Turn The Page - Hawks 4, Rangers 2 - Second City Hockey
Holy crap! The Blackhawks won a game!

Fraser: Why Marchand didn't face discipline for hit to Emelin
He may have escaped supplemental discipline, but we all know he'll be called back to Shanahan's office sooner or later. Once a rat, always a rat.

The 7 NHL draft picks dealt at trade deadline that became significant players | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
It's not one of the seven in the article, but did you know that when the Red Wings traded for Robert Lang they sent Washington a 1st round draft pick. That 1st round pick turned into current Captials' defenseman Mike Green. Now, I would guess that the Wings wouldn't have chosen Green and probably traded down, but you never know. All these picks traded at the upcoming deadline could become future NHL all-stars.

Let's Go Red Wings.