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Red Wings / Sharks Game Thread: "Shark!" The Herald Angels Sing

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San Jose Sharks Team Detroit Red Wings
31-18-7 69 Points Record 40-17-2 82 Points
Antti Niemi (23-13-6 2.42GAA) Starting Goalie Joey MacDonald (5-1-1 1.61 GAA)
Fear the Fin SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Nov 17 2-5 L
12:30 PM EST Time - Television NBC

If you're in the red part of the coverage map (thanks to, then you'll be getting this game on NBC. Otherwise, you can stream the game for free at

San Jose leads the surprisingly weak Pacific Division* so far this season with 69 points. The team is a bit of an enigma, as they're good at nearly everything. A top-ten offensive and defensive team, the Sharks are 3rd in the league for PP effectiveness, but 27th in PK% (hey, I said "nearly"). Still, they haven't been able to effectively pull away from the pack and are in the middle of a bit of a mid-season grind as they get caught up to the rest of the league in games played; they still have 3 in hand on Detroit after today.

San Jose seems a bit like a feast-or-famine type of squad; they have three guys who have over 20 goals, but only six with more than 10 compared to Detroit's one guy with at least 20 goals and ten who can boast double-digits in the category. Their top six is damn scary, but depth has hurt them. Still, this is a team that was built to beat the Red Wings and that's exactly what they'll be trying to do today.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.

*at least it's not the awful NW and their ONE playoff team...