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Kyle Quincey A Red Wing Again

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Boys and girls, the theme of today is "everything is happening".

Hours after the Wings announced Pavel Datsyuk's knee surgery would keep him out 2 weeks, the team traded for former Red Wings Kyle Quincey.

Follow the bouncing players: the Lightning traded Steve Downie to the Avalanche for Quincey. The Lightning then flipped Quincey to the Wings for Detroit's first round pick in 2012 and prospect Sebastien Piche.

Initial reaction is that this is a hell of a trade. Reports are that this year's draft is not a deep one, so the Wings' draft pick won't be valuable at all. I know there are fans questioning giving up a 1st rounder for Quincey, but the market for defensemen is clearly out of whack.

The bigger question is what this means for the Wings' defense corps going forward. You don't trade for a guy like Quincey to sit on the bench, so Jakub Kindl and Mike Commodore could be seeing more of the press box than they like. Or, it could mean that Kindl is trade bait to land someone else.

A very hearty "welcome back" to Quincey, who was waived in 2008 because the Wings had 14 defensemen that year. Also, a high five to Steve Yzerman, who just turned Steve Downie into a 1st round draft pick and prospect at the expense of the Avalanche. If this whole GM thing doesn't work out, he might as well just claim his stake in the Avalanche since it's become painfully obvious that he owns them.