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Red Wings Fall to Blackhawks: Jimmy Howard Gives us the Finger we Need, But not the Finger we Deserve Right Now

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The "Sexy Men of the Central Division" calendar will be available on news stands by Christmas.
The "Sexy Men of the Central Division" calendar will be available on news stands by Christmas.

The Red Wings had their six-game win streak snapped in Chicago on Tuesday night by a score of 2-1. After a strong start which saw them capitalize on a power play opportunity, things went generally downhill for the Red Wings. Turnovers and breakaways were the symptoms, but the cause of the Red Wings' loss was a failure to play up to the level of the Hawks.

Detroit was able to keep their one-goal lead for a little over a period before Jimmy "Mays" Hayes tied it in the eighth minute of the second. The Wings struggled throughout the rest of that period, but were able to escape with a tie. Unfortunately, that would be short-lived. Early in the third period, Marcus Kruger put Chicago on top to stay. The Wings did manage a few flurries of action, but couldn't solve the enigma that was Corey Crawford.

Follow me below the jump for the bullets; hopefully it will protect us when the sky falls.

  • Jimmy Howard proved early and often that he wasn't rusty after eight games off. I lost count somewhere near "who the fuck cares anymore?", but the Blackhawks had a lot of odd-man rushes and a few breakaways. Howard kept the Hawks from scoring any of those pretty-boy goals that their good forwards like to put in. Instead, the Hawks got both of their goals with the blue-collar crash-the-net until it goes in workmanlike kind of goals that your father warned you about.
  • For most of the first and some of the third, Franzen was skating like a power forward. I thought he was good. Five shots on net led the team and a consistent drive to get to the inside were good. Of course, he didn't score, so he sucks.
  • Drew Miller looked like he was trying to do too much. I already like you, Drew. You don't have to impress me.
  • Kindl wants to stay in the lineup, Ericsson? Not quite as interested.
  • Marian Hossa is a hellshitton scarier on the ice when Datsyuk isn't out there to embarrass him.
  • Oh man was Ian White bad in the 2nd period. I don't know if he's a fan or he owns a stake in the Fratelli's music, but he seemed absolutely bent on hearing it as much as possible.
  • Seriously, Jimmy Howard is not rusty. He's the player of the game.
  • Overall, the Wings simply got outworked. The Hawks showed excellent gap control and a very aggressive gameplan. The Wings were a step behind them consistently. It felt like after the first sixty odd-man rushes or so, the Wings got a little gunshy and started playing a very reactionary game. Waiting for the other guy to make a move is good form in chess, but in hockey it's a fantastic way to get your ass handed to you. In general, there just wasn't a very good commitment to get to the puck.
  • All that said, I think the idea of them being reactionary was a product of thinking too much, not complacency. Either way, they can't lose on Bertuzzi Bobblehead Night, can they?