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Report: Todd Bertuzzi to Get 2-Year Extension

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Hey Todd, here's what I did with my money.
Hey Todd, here's what I did with my money.

Keeping with the theme of "everything is happening" that began yesterday, a report came out from Helene St. James* that Todd Bertuzzi is going to be the recipient of a 2-year extension from the Red Wings. According to the Freep, the deal could be announced as early as Thursday.

It can't be stressed enough that this is just a report, but St James is pretty convinced that it's going to happen. According to her story, the deal would be worth $2.2 per season. Of note: this would be a 35+ contract, so if he gets injured or retires before the deal ends, it would still count against the Wings' cap.

I get that people are excited for this signing, but I'm not that big of a fan. I don't like a $2.2M per season deal for a guy who last year scored 2 goals in his final 21 games and scored 3 in his final 30 the year before. I also don't like a 2-year deal for a guy who has had a questionable injury past. There's also the uncertainty of the CBA and what the terms of that are going to be. Overall, I would have preferred to see the Wings see what Bert brings the rest of the season before deciding to award him with a multi-year deal, because I think there are younger guys ready to step up and take his place on the team.

* From Jeff, a reminder: this is the same digger that reported Osgood was coming back last year.