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Detroit Red Wings Sign Todd Bertuzzi to Two-Year Extension

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What they said sounded nothing like "Cheese!"
What they said sounded nothing like "Cheese!"

The Detroit Red Wings have announced a two-year contract extension for veteran forward Todd Bertuzzi. Details from various sources indicate that Bertuzzi will be paid $1.975 million next season and $2.175 million for the 2013-14 season. Under current CBA rules, Bertuzzi's cap hit would be $2.075M. The contract also offers a no-trade clause for Bertuzzi.

Bertuzzi has 12 goals and 17 assists in 54 games played this season. 57% of his ice time this season has come with Pavel Datsyuk also on the ice. The big-bodied forward often plays a net-front role and involves himself in board battles. He's also come a long way defensively, although he still takes too many penalties.

Personally, I've come around a bit on this signing since yesterday. Bertuzzi is a great locker room presence for the young guys and is genuinely liked in Detroit. The cap hit is very low for how many points he can put up. The no-trade clause is a little bit sticky, as is the 35+ nature of the contract (which under current rules sees the Wings eat that cap hit even if Bertuzzi retires mid-contract), but if he falls off his game and has to go down to a lower-line checking role, Bertuzzi has shown that he can do that well. If nothing else, there's always the memory of the Joe Louis crowd raucously chanting his name last April to keep us warm.