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Red Wings / Avalanche Game Thread: Do You Feel a Draft?

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Thank you, Josh Howard.
Thank you, Josh Howard.
Colorado Avalanche Team Detroit Red Wings
31-27-4 66 Points Record 41-18-3 85 Points
J.S. Giguere (14-9-2 2.13GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (32-12-2 2.05 GAA)
Mile High Hockey SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Dec 4th 4-2 L
7:00 PM EST Time - Television FS-D, ALT

Remember this?

The clowns in Denver sure do. It's pretty much all they remember because it's the only thing in recent memory which gives them a warm & fuzzy when thinking about the rivalry that fell off the edge of the world when their team did the same. It's about a fanbase that has so deluded itself into thinking that throwing 18-year olds into the fire is the way a good hockey organization should conduct itself.

If you're not entirely familiar, it's about their leading scorer, Ryan O'Reilly. The kid's big and he's talented, and he's damn sure NHL-ready. He was also the #33 pick in 2009. So what's got those oxygen-deprived boobs in Colorado holding that above Red Wings fans heads? They think it's funny that Detroit took Landon Ferraro at 32. They think Ryan O'Reilly would be the same player he is today if he had been tossed into Grand Rapids and actually coached into becoming a better player rather than thrown to the dogs of the NHL. Make no mistake, the Avalanche got lucky that O'Reilly didn't fold.

But hoo boy do they love that one-pick-ahead thing. They don't care about Peter Holland, Louis Leblanc, Chris Kreider, Jacob Josefson, or any of the other centers taken before O'Reilly, because none of them were taken by Detroit. Avs fans bringing this narrative are essentially bragging that on one turn of Monopoly, they got a higher dice roll than we did. Nevermind they missed Free Parking and landed on a Marvin Gardens with a hotel on it, they got to move more spaces and that tiny thing is way more important than owning all the spaces on the board. For shit's sake, Adrien Dater, their go-to beat writer openly roots for the Vancouver Canucks over the Red Wings. What kind of pathetic hatred does it take to root for a division rival over the Wings?

The Avs are a joke. I'm absolutely thrilled that beating them is going to indirectly help an Eastern Conference team with their first round pick.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.