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Quick Hits: Never Gonna Run Around and Desert You

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Hockeytown, No Limits

Kate Upton’s Triumphant Return " The Production Line - TP:60
Some nice win candy over at TPL in their game recap from last night.

Success in the minors leads to Brendan Smith's Red Wings call-up | Detroit Free Press |
Truthfully, I didn't think Smith look out of place last night. He never really got caught out of position and have a few shot attempts and some nice puck movement at the blue line. He wasn't the best player on defense by any means. I thought Jakub Kindl had one of his better games, but Smith look like he belonged.

Brendan Smith seizes chance to stick with Red Wings | The Detroit News |
He should stick with the Red Wings. If they've got the roster space he shouldn't go anywhere. He should split time with Kindl and he should specifically play on March 21 at MSG against the Rangers.

Rookie Brendan Smith honed game in Grand Rapids, returned to Red Wings better prepared for NHL |
I feel a little bit like Oprah this morning, "You get a Brendan Smith article! You get a Brendan Smith article! You get a Brendan Smith article! ...We all get Brendan Smith articles!"

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings-Blue Jackets wrap-up and overnight reort: Wings out-spoil the spoilers
Complete wrap-up of last night's game by Malik over at TMR.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Talking about subjective stats…
...And a double dose of George just because this stat was too funny to pass up.

Around the NHL

Game 63 Recap: Same Old Song and Dance - The Cannon
View from the enemy.

Down Goes Brown: Beyond the trade deadline: Other dates to look forward to this season
DGB predicts the rest of the season. April 12 is a nice date.

Hurricanes 4, Predators 3: Crime Doesn't Pay - On the Forecheck
The Predators would have won this game if Paul Gaustad played.

After trade, San Jose Sharks hope to get defensive | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
I don't actually think the Sharks will miss the playoffs, but can you imagine if they did? They messed with their roster have losing in the conference finals the last two years, imagine what they would do if the missed the postseason? They'd probably blow it up for Rick Nash.

Canucks At Coyotes Recap ; It Just Takes One (2-1L s/o) - Nucks Misconduct
The Canucks lost, but in a shootout so they still got a point last night. The Coyotes continue to be ridiculous and win their 6th straight and are 9-0-1 in their last 10. Do you think anyone in Phoenix notices?

Wishing The Best To "Le Gros Bill" - Habs Eyes on the Prize
In light of Canadiens legend Jean Beliveau suffering a stroke on Monday, we at Eyes On The Prize want to wish the very best to "Le Gros Bill" and his family at this time.With that in mind, we thought we'de leave this space for our readers to leave their comments and well wishes, for Mr. Beliveau.

Let's Go Red Wings.