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Prediction Contest: Programming Changes

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We're going to be automating the system for our WIIM Prediction Contest, starting tomorrow. We have all of your previous guesses recorded, but will have to manually enter those into the new system. You will need to register for this system in the application box below. If you have a Google or Yahoo account, this will tie immediately to your OpenID and all you'll have to do is tell the system your username the first time you register. This system will automatically track your guesses, allow you to make guesses for future games you think you might miss, and check the leaderboards.

A couple of notes:

We're working this system out and will start using it tomorrow for the Edmonton game. We think we've got it working up to specs for the supported browsers, but we're aware there may be issues. If you can't register, please let us know. Also, please make sure that you leave your prediction in the comments of the morning skates. If anything gets lost, we can manually enter your predictions based on that. It will take a bit before the leaderboard is up and working, as we do have to manually port all of your previous predictions over, but once we've got the system working, prediction entry and scoring will be real-time and much easier.

Thanks to everybody for participating in this contest this year and let's go Red Wings!

Please register below.