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Winging It In Motown Radio: Episode 12

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The Super Bowl XLVI is in the books and who better to discuss and breakdown the game than three Red Wings bloggers? Graham, J.J., and myself share our Super Bowl thoughts and discuss all that's going on in the Wings world.

Why does the power play suck?

Where the hell is Johan Franzen?

Should Joey MacDonald start? (Yes...Ty Conklin sucks)

Does J.J. love Drew Miler?

Those questions will be answered and more on the latest episode of WIIM Radio. PLUS, Tyler joins us in the middle of the podcast to share his thoughts -- rapid fire style -- on the Wings. We wrap things up with a game of FMK starring the cast of Rosanne and discussing our favorite Super Bowl commercials.

So enjoy the latest episode of WIIM Radio. You can check us out on iTunes and download the podcast to your iPod or iPhone. You can also download the episode here. Stick tap to Brandon Langer for creating our intro. Check out his other music on Facebook and iTunes.

Let's Go Red Wings.