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Quick Hits: Off Day Edition

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(Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hockeytown, No Limits

Jakub Kindl settling into defensive role with Wings | The Detroit News |
Jakub Kindl might have had his best game of the season on Tuesday. He wasn't perfect but he was aggressive on the offensive end and looked pretty good creating some chances at the Jackets' blue line. He knows it's him vs Smith and he's trying to win the job.

Red Wings' Jan Mursak lost time to injury but is now gaining momentum | Detroit Free Press |
It's good to see the Sak is back. I still want to see him on a line with Darren Helm one day. Jan Mursak might be the only person in the entire organ-i-zation that's faster than him. Those two could forecheck the crap out of teams.

Grand Rapids defensemen arrived in the Nick of time | Red Wings Front
I see what you did there with that title, Mr. Pleiness. Clever.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings overnight report: and now we wait (and talk about Smith, Kindl and Mursak)
Talk about Brendan Smith? Will do. That earns an automatic link in the Quick Hits.

Jamie Samuelsen: Red Wings already a Cup contender; no trade deadline splash needed | Detroit Free Press |
While I agree with Jamie (I refuse to call him by his last name), I'm still a little disappointed that no moves were made on Monday. With that said though, I'm glad they didn't do anything crazy and give up a first round pick for Paul Gaustad. Yeah, I wanted him on the Wings, but, holy hell, not at that price. There is enough talent already on this team to win it all.

The Skywriter - Hanover-Horton High School - A Journalist's Dream Come True
A nice article by high school senior Brooke Schuster and her experience at the Red Wings' High School Journalism Day. I personally think this is one of the coolest things the the Red Wings do and I really wish it had been around when I was in high school. Stick tap to the Red Wings family for helping kid follow their dream and giving them a chance to experience something awesome.

Around the NHL

A Little Closer Look At The St. Louis Blues And Concussions - St. Louis Game Time
Good article and discussion on the topic. Who knew they were capable?

Cal Clutterbuck: Passionate Leader or Over the Edge? - Hockey Wilderness
Cal Clutterbuck is a big stupid baby, but there's a chance that his big stupid baby antics are actually good for a Wild team that seems to have no answer for having their tails tucked between their legs since 2012 started.

Video: Eric Nystrom Knocks Kris Letang From Game With Hit - Defending Big D
You make the call on the Nystrom hit from last night. He makes no attempt to go for the puck, but Letang puts himself in a vulnerable position. It looks like Nystrom is aiming at and primarily catches the shoulder, but there's some head contact too. I can't wait to see what the league rules on this one.

sbnation's Channel - YouTube
SB Nation has a YouTube Channel now.

Mike Milbury, Jeremy Roenick battle over Nystrom hit; JR calls Mad Mike ‘soft’, offers him Shirley Temple (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
If you're still not sure where you stand, you can always listen to two despicable idiots yell at one another to decide with whom you want to side here.

LeBrun: NHL will consider option to eat salary in trades | ProHockeyTalk
Apparently, the trade deadline is too boring nowadays, so instead of lowering the cap floor, we should just let smaller teams eat the extra salary they have to pay free agents to meet it.

Watch Vern Fiddler do his best "Angry Bieksa Face" | ProHockeyTalk
This is a stupid story, but I've been laughing about it for days now.

Off Day Discussion: If Nicklas Lidstrom and Kyle Quincey both return tomorrow against the Wild, which defenseman do you want to see replace Jonathan Ericsson? Jakub Kindl or Brendan Smith?

Let's Go Red Wings.