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A Quick (and stupid) Solution to the Radulov Situation

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Radulov seen here threatening to play the remainder of the game lying on his left side unless they give him a thousand dollars.
Radulov seen here threatening to play the remainder of the game lying on his left side unless they give him a thousand dollars.

As we all know by now, the NHL and the NHLPA are discussing their respective stances on letting wayward primadonna Alexander Radulov back into North America's and the world's best league to play the last month of the season for the Nashville Predators and potentially the playoffs as well. Not only this, but this ridiculously short amount of time played would count as him having honored the last year of his entry-level deal, making him a free agent this summer and granting him the ability to go after the money a selfish, spoiled piece of shit like him thinks he deserves.

Of course, this would indicate that the league is doing Radulov a favor and one that he doesn't very well deserve, but the Vichy boobs on the other side of the argument don't care about professional ethics, the money Radulov will earn at the expense of an entire NHLPA that actually honors their contracts, or the ice time he'll get in the place of a member of that same organization. The best argument from the head-in-the-sand crowd is that he walked out on the Predators and therefore the Predators should be the only organization that gets a say in setting a dangerous and stupid precedent for the league going forward.

You know... how the Ilya Kovalchuk business was nobody's business but the Devils'.

... or how the Blackhawks would have been better off suspending Cristobal Huet to Europe instead of releasing him there, because they would then be able to bring him back without waivers to take a shot at shoring up their goaltending.

At any rate, here is my solution: Since Radulov's return would count as a full year of service, I believe his salary should be prorated to reflect that. No, I'm not saying that Radulov's $984,200 salary should be cut down to approximately 1/8th of its number. Instead, I'm saying it should be inflated. If ten regular season games equals a full year, then Radulov's pay should be extended out to cover the entire 82-game season. Let's say that Radulov comes back next Tuesday the 20th against Edmonton. Radulov would play ten regular season games. Factoring that out, I believe that, if nothing else changes, Radulov should be payed $7,570,769 for his ten games ,coming straight out of Nashville's pockets and counting completely against their cap hit.

After all, it's only Nashville's business, right? I mean, sure that's a hell of a lot of money that Radulov doesn't deserve, but fair is fair, no? So what if that takes Nashville over the salary midpoint and disqualifies them from revenue sharing dollars? IT'S ONLY NASHVILLE'S BUSINESS.

What a joke.