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Tuesday Night Pregame Open Thread

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The Wings don't play until much later. The Gamethread for that one will be up at 10. But if you're watching the earlier action and want some place to vent, here you go.

Tonight's games (in order of how much I give a shit about them):

Blues at Blackhawks (8:30) - Hey, you can spend the two hours leading up to the Red Wings game watching Joel Quenneville get out-coached and Barret Jackman grab dudes like his name is Kony.

San Jose at Calgary (9:30) - What, you don't care about the 9th and 10th-place teams going head-to-head?

Dallas at Minnesota (8:00) - By all indications, this game will be only slightly less boring than a spelling bee, but it's the only other Western Conference games and I'd sooner watch these teams play canasta than get riled up over the East.

Boston at Tampa Bay (7:30) - The Yzerbolts are in 11th place in the East and need to make up 7 points for us to have a shot at that much-coveted 7th-rounder we got for Commodore.

Toronto at Florida (7:30) - Watching the Leafs implode has been hilarious. It would be even better if it continued against Mikael Samuelsson and Tomas Kopecky.

Carolina at New York Rangers (7:30) - Hey, the Rangers have a lot of points.

New Jersey at Philadelphia (7:00) - Just pretend you're scouting Zach Parise. Ok, Eastern hatred aside, this actually should be a pretty entertaining matchup with how well Ilya Bryzgalov has been playing as of late.

Washington at New York Islanders (7:00) - Bonus points if you get a screenshot of the exact moment the will to coach leaves Dale Hunter's eyes.

It's a pregame live thread. Have at it.