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Winging It In Motown Wednesday Night Open Thread

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Another late night game for the Wings. Game thread will go up at 9:30. Until then, what game are you watching?

Colorado at Buffalo (7:30) -If I had to pick one or the other between Colorado and San Jose to miss the playoffs, I probably take San Jose, but I'm rooting for both of them to, so let's go Buffalo!

Ottawa at Montreal (7:30) - If you're so inclined, you can watch Erik Karlsson not play defense and still break games open.

Dallas at Winnipeg (8:30) -Who would have thought that this game would have playoff implications?

Columbus at Edmonton (10:00) -It would be kind of silly to watch this one, as it's at the same time as the Wings' game... also because these teams are awful.

Phoenix at Vancouver (10:00) - Depending on how Detroit plays, I don't think I'd blame you for switching over to this game.