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The Times They Aren't A-Changing: Ducks 4 - Red Wings 0

Kronwall giving Stuart a taste of what happens if he doesn't re-sign with the Wings.
Kronwall giving Stuart a taste of what happens if he doesn't re-sign with the Wings.

It's late and I'm pissed off, so we're going to skip the formalities and pretty much just get right to the bullets. Before we do, the one thing that I need to say is that this team should look better than they do right now. Injuries happen, but losing 2 straight games the way the Wings have is unacceptable.

They have a couple of days off before trying to salvage this road trip with a win against the Sharks. It's up to everyone on this team to get their heads out of their asses and figure it out, because if they don't this fanbase is going to rip each other to shreds.

  • Tonight's game had a real playoff atmosphere, in that it was 80 degrees outside earlier, I was wearing shorts, it was a late-night game against a West Coast opponent, and I had a sense of impending doom for most of the game.
  • No Corey Perry for the Ducks tonight, and I'll admit that when I saw the hit that took him out of the lineup, I smiled, felt bad for smiling, then felt bad for feeling bad because Corey Perry is a terrible human being.
  • Nicklas Lidstrom's interview was awesome. Hearing about setback is discouraging. However, him saying he still has the drive and the hunger and then refusing to commit to playing at the Big House next year shows him to be the perfect politician. I could listen to him reporting on paint drying and be completely mesmerized.
  • It is time to split up Quincey-White. Victimized on the Ducks' first goal as Quincey chased up the boards and White lost positioning to Teemu Selanne. They have absolutely zero chemistry. If I can see that and more than one person in the game thread can see it, then perhaps Mike Babcock should be able to see it and think about moving Quincey with Brendan Smith to see if they can gel.
  • If I told you before the game that the line of Franzen-Bertuzzi-Cleary was going to be the Wings' worst and could provide you with statistical evidence of that, would you call me psychic? No. I didn't actually say they would be the worst line ever conceived by man, but there are about 200 better combinations that don't involve their play requiring commentary from this classic Simpsons episode (skip ahead to about the 1:30 mark). The Corsi numbers are just awful, with every single one of them a double-digit negative on the night. It was so bad that at one point I thought "Franzen should really be playing with Helm and Miller".
  • The Wings' first and third lines did create some offense, but I've got to give some credit to Jonas Hiller, who played very well for the Ducks.
  • Two more things: Henrik Zetterberg is the Player of the Game for not being terrible, and CSSI is going to be severely delayed so that JJ can fix all of the things that he broke in his house and calms down.
The dissension in the ranks of Wing fans is growing with each frustrating loss, but the only thing that's going to get the Wings back in the win column is good old-fashioned hard work and execution. We'll be praying hard the next 2 days that Pavel Datsyuk's knee will mean he can finally get back in the lineup, but it's time for the Wings that aren't injured to take some accountability and play the way they're capable.