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Thursday Afternoon Open/Venting Thread

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We spent a lot of good time today forgetting that we're supposed to be tearing at each other's throats out of fear and frustration. It's almost like Red Wings fans have been through small patches of adversity and calm down a little quicker than some of our more excitable brethren. We've gone over staying the course and keeping the faith. We've gone over replacing our coach or sacking his assistants. If there's anything left to be said, go ahead and let it out.

There's also a matter of coming out this Saturday to Fraser and watching some hockey for a fantastic cause. Our very own Eurocap will be playing in the Sean Burr Foundation Hockey Cancer Classic against some Detroit Red Wings' Alumni. Tickets are only $10 and will go to help the foundation and an all-around great guy. They'll also be looking for volunteers to give nothing more than a swab to find out if you're a match for somebody whose live you could very well end up saving.

Other than those things, there are eight games on the schedule for tonight.

Colorado at New Jersey (7:00) - The Avs snatched two points from the jaws of defeat last night in Buffalo. Here's to hoping New Jersey can do better.

Philadelphia at New York Islanders (7:00) - There's only one game on the schedule I care about less than this one. I hope the fans of both teams have a fun time watching it though. In related news, I'm trying to say nice things more often.

Pittsburgh at New York Rangers (7:00) - Ok, I was buttering you up there. I'm obligated by ... well I don't know, but I should mention that Crosby's back tonight just in case you hadn't heard. This game should get good ratings and I wouldn't be surprised if "crybaby" trends on Twitter tonight.

St. Louis at Carolina (7:00) - People who ask hurricanes to do them a favor generally aren't very nice people, but here we are.

Toronto at Tampa Bay (7:30) - I hope Marty St. Louis beats up Phil Kessel.

Boston at Florida (7:30) - Man, what the hell is going on with Boston lately?

Phoenix at Calgary (9:00) - Phoenix fans are living the dream of being in front of as many Canadian teams as realistically possible in the standings.

Nashville at San Jose (10:30) - Martin Havlat comes back from injury right as the NHL promises clubs that they're going to be taking a much closer look at line changes. The timing couldn't have been better.