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WIIM Friday Night Open Thread: I Love the Nightlife, I've got to Boogie

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Five games on the schedule for you tonight.

Montreal at Ottawa (7:00) - Paul MacLean's team currently sits just one point back of the Boston Bruins for first in the Northeast Division (as long as you don't look too closely at games played). Montreal may be playing for pride at this point... or playing to maintain a higher draft position than Toronto. Who knows with these guys?

Washington at Winnipeg (8:30) - The Caps are heating up at the right time. If (when) they make the playoffs, they're going to either be a dangerous 8-seed or a pushover 3-seed. The Jets are still within striking distance of the playoffs.

Chicago at Dallas (8:30) - The Dallas roller coaster hit a snag on their latest uphill. Can they hold off the Blackhawks or are they due for another fall in the standings? Only five points separate the Pacific-leading Stars from 4th in their division. Barring something stupid, Chicago is your six seed. Deal with it.

Calgary at Edmonton (9:30) - The Flames have won five in a row to tighten up the race for the postseason, but Edmonton has enough of a cushion that they can afford to actually try and win a game against their Alberta rivals.

Los Angeles at Anaheim (10:00) - Based on recent games involving these clubs that I have watched, I predict each team will win this game in embarrassing fashion.

That's it for the schedule tonight. 11 games tomorrow starting at 1:00 and ending when the final horn goes on either the Detroit/San Jose or the Nashville/Los Angeles game. I can almost guarantee it will be our game, since it's a HNIC game and intermissions for those things are two hours long.