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Red Wings / Sharks Game Thread: Chew on This

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San Jose Sharks Team Detroit Red Wings
35-25-10 80 Points Record 44-24-3 91 Points
Antti Niemi (27-18-9 2.41 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (33-14-2 2.09 GAA)
Fear the Fin SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Feb 19th 3-2 W
10:30 PM EST Time - Television FS-D, NBCSN, CBC

Let's clear a few things up right off so that we're all working on the same sheet of music:

  • Despite what I want to have happen, the Sharks aren't going to miss the playoffs. The only thing keeping them in 9th place right now is having three games in hand over the #8 Avalanche and two games in hand over the 7th-place Coyotes (both at 81 points to the Sharks' 80).
  • Boy have they struggled with consistency, but San Jose's goal differential of +12 is 5th in the conference and best in their division. They are a damn good team.
  • San Jose's organizational philosophy and team makeup seems to have been built from a "beat Detroit" standpoint. It's flattering to say the least, but the Sharks play the Wings as well as or better than they play the rest of the league.
  • None of that matters. Pavel Datsyuk is back and we expect a win.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.