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Winging It In Motown Radio: Episode 18

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It might be doom and gloom for the Red Wings after this past week, but not on the latest episode of WIIM Radio.

J.J. and I are joined as always by Tyler from The Triple Deke. Our favorite Canadian, Marlon (@marlonbrando_), joins the podcast and Peter (@KinFin), who is more commonly known around these parts as Eurocap, joins us as well. Peter is part of the Shawn Burr Foundation and gives us some the inside story on the Foundation's hockey game against the Red Wings Alumni team. Plus, Peter updates us on Burr's battle against leukemia and what people can do to help. Information is available at

We also get into the return of Pavel Datsyuk, what to do with Danny Cleary and Gustav Nyquist, and it wouldn't be an episode of WIIM Radio without some chatter on the crap that is know as the Red Wings' power play. We look at the final race for playoff positioning and look forward to the week ahead and the Wings big game against the Rangers in New York City.

So enjoy the latest episode of WIIM Radio. You can check us out on iTunes and download the podcast to your iPod or iPhone. You can also download the episode here. Stick tap to Brandon Langer for creating our intro. Check out his other music on Facebook and iTunes.

Let's Go Red Wings.