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Red Wings / Capitals Game Thread: What do you Call The Washington Defense?

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Washington Capitals Team Detroit Red Wings
36-30-6 78 Points Record 44-24-4 92 Points
Braden Holtby (0-1-0 5.08 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (33-14-2 2.11 GAA)
Japers Rink SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Feb 7th 2011 3-2 W
7:30 PM EST Time - Television FS-D, CSN

I apologize for the horrible joke. Those responsible have been sacked.

Copy-and-pasting the same things from the last 10 or so games, but the Wings should really try very hard to win this game against a desperate opponent. Washington got embarrassed in Chicago last night and will obviously be trying very hard to get a victory for themselves. Braden Holtby gets his 2nd start of the season for Washington.

Washington is a team middling in just about every statistical category in the league. Their 5-on-5 GF/GA ratio is 0.99; their special teams Bowman Index is 38 (Detroit's is 40). They don't outshoot their opponents and have a team goal differential of -12.

... and just about none of that matters over a one-game sample size like we'll see tonight.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.