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Red Wings / Blue Jackets Game Thread: You Again?

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Columbus Blue Jackets Team Detroit Red Wings
24-45-7 55 Points Record 46-25-5 97 Points
Allen York (0-1-0 3.03 GAA) Starting Goalie Ty Conklin (5-5-1 3.21 GAA)
The Cannon SB Nation Site - Last Meeting RECENTLY 7-2 W
7:30 PM EST Time - Television NBCSN

The Wings continue to look to lock up as high a seed as they can manage while trying to get healthy in time for a playoff run. The Jackets have been eliminated for a while and embarrassed for the last two games. They're beaten both up and down this season, but would love a win to build on as they head into the offseason attempting to create a plan for next year.

Time to earn points, boys.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.