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Quick Hits: Vote for Jimmah...Again?

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(stick tap to Marlon [@marlonbrando_] for finding this cool video)

Hockeytown, No Limits

Mike Babcock: "Worrying about where you finish, hasn’t done us any good." | Red Wings Front
Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if the Wings lost in the first round or if they won the Stanley Cup. Let's just get to round one and be playing well. If that happens, the rest will fall into place.

Wings' task: Get healthy, better as NHL playoffs near | The Detroit News |
For such an obvious and simple headline this article is really long (but you should still read it).

Pavel Datsyuk, Jimmy Howard represent Red Wings in EA Sports' NHL 13 cover vote |
Vote Pavel! Or Jimmy! Or vote for someone dumb like Matt Stajan or Shane Doan. Who wouldn't want to see the Doan Face on the cover of NHL13?

Deja Vu: Landon Ferraro | Official site of the Grand Rapids Griffins: Griffins Features
Landon Ferraro is going to be a legit player on the Wings one day. Not a top six forward be any means, but he's going to be a damn fine bottom six role player who busts his ass for many years.

Around the NHL

Pierre Gauthier Fired as Canadiens GM - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Betcha Patrick Roy is the next GM and Bob Hartley is the next coach.

Jason Chimera ejected for charging Adam McQuaid; Shanaban? (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
I'm totally cool with this being a charging major. Suspendable? Nope. Adam McQuaid turns at the last second causing the hit to be a lot worse. Jason Chimera's five and a game is just here.

Toews "getting very, very close" to return | ProHockeyTalk
Don't like the Blackhawks, but glad to see Jonathan Toews on the cusp of returning. Dude is a legit player and only make the NHL as a whole better. More serious, but still better.

"Let’s go Blue Jays" (clap clap clap) – Leafs fans | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Maple LOLeafs

Let's Go Red Wings.