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Red Wings Recall 3 From Grand Rapids

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With the trainer's room getting full of injured Red Wing players, the team has recalled 3 players from Grand Rapids.

The team will welcome back Chris Conner, Doug Janik and Jordan Pearce. Janik and Pearce are directly related to the injuries to Jakub Kindl and Jimmy Howard, respectively, and it appears that Todd Bertuzzi's "tender groin" may keep him out of Tuesday's game against Philadelphia.

For those keeping score, that now makes 7 regulars out of the lineup on Tuesday. Joining Bertuzzi, Kindl and Howard on the sidelines are Pavel Datsyuk (knee), Nicklas Lidstrom (ankle), Jonathan Ericsson (wrist) and Patrick Eaves (concussion). It's starting to feel a lot like 2010 when every game saw a Wing player get hurt, but at least the calendar says March 5 and not April 5.

If there is a reason for optimism it's that none of the injuries seem to be that serious with the exception of Ericsson and Eaves. The Wings have a lighter schedule for the next week or so, and if they can weather this storm they should be in good position to earn a high seed in the playoffs and make a run at #12.