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Niklas Kronwall Hit on Jakub Voracek in Red Wings - Flyers Game

Here is the hit that Niklas Kronwall laid on Philadelphia's Jakub Voracek during the 2nd period of Tuesday night's Detroit Red Wings game versus the Philadelphia Flyers.

There was no penalty assessed on the play.

Personally, I don't believe there will be or should be a suspension for this hit. Voracek is responsible for knowing that there's a defenseman lurking and responsible to keep his head up. Kronwall commits to laying this check on his man before Voracek even has control and while the Flyers' forward is facing away from him. Immediately prior to impact, Voracek turns to face Kronwall and unfortunately catches a face full of Kronwall's shoulder. Voracek did not return to the game.

I hope that Jakub Voracek suffers no long-term injury from this hit, but I don't see an option for Kronwall to avoid or minimize contact. here. What do you think? Should Kronwall expect a call from Shanahan?

[Update: added NHL Tonight's analysis of the hit below]