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What The World Thinks Will Happen: Red Wings vs Predators

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Look at Melrose and that hair. THAT GUY thinks you can't win.
Look at Melrose and that hair. THAT GUY thinks you can't win.

There are 2 universal truths about the NHL playoffs: beards are mandatory, even if yours is patchy and only covers 2/3 of your face (like mine), and there will be outrage over who the "experts" pick in a series involving your team.

The idea that writers and commentators weigh in with their predictions is not new. We look to these people as the height of intelligence (stop laughing) with regards to our team and our sport, so when they offer an opinion as to who is going to beat who in a particular series, we put more stock in that then when you find some random dude on the street in a Predators' jersey who says "I like Rice Krispies" when you ask him what he thinks of the Shea Weber-Pavel Datsyuk match up.

So, I thought it would be fun to take a trip around the world wide interwebz and see what others were saying about this series. The 4-5 matchup is always a difficult one to predict, typically because it involves 2 teams that are very similar in talent and skill. One would think that people would be evenly split on who is going to win (or in this case, survive) to move on to the second round. One would be wrong.

After the jump, we've got a ton of predictions from around the hockey world that just further prove that the Wings are the underdog in this series.

Nashville fans have talked at length about how this team is ready to take the next step. Looks like the analysts agree, because the percentage of people who have picked the Predators to win is astounding for a series that is this close. I don't have any outrage to project here because I don't get mad when I read people who are wrong: I just feel sorry for them.

Roarke - Nashville
Rosen - Detroit
Kimelman - Nashville
Lozo - Nashville
Masisak - Nashville
Compton - Nashville
Morreale - Nashville
Cubeta - Nashville
Basu - Nashville
Roesch - Nashville
Pakarinen - Nashville
Malamud - Nashville
Langr - Nashville
Hradek - Nashville
Button - Nashville

Buccigross - Nashville in 7
Cohn - Detroit in 6
Burnside - Nashville in 7
Custance - Nashville in 7
Grant - Nashville in 7
LeBrun - Nashville in 7
Levy - Nashville in 7
McDonald - Nashville in 7
Melrose - Nashville in 7
Rogers - Nashville in 7
Strang - Nashville in 7
Murphy - Nashville in 7

Stubits - Nashville
Gretz - Detroit (NBC)

Dadoun - Nashville in 7
Yerdon - Nashville in 7
Brough - Nashville in 7
O'Brien - Detroit in 6
Halford - Detroit in 6

The Hockey News

Staff pick - Nashville in 7

SBNation Staff:

McCurdy: Nashville in 7
Eric: Detroit in 6
Hoag: Nashville in 7
Kevin: Detroit in 7
Jon Bois: Detroit in 4