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Saturday Open Thread

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That dog knows what's up.
That dog knows what's up.

While the Wings prepare for game three of their opening round series against the Nashville head-crushers, we've got plenty of hockey action to get you through your Saturday.

Washington Capitals (7) vs. Boston Bruins (2) 3:00 - BOS leads series 1-0: These two teams played themselves 0-0 through sixty minutes while everybody marveled at the Braden Holtby show. The Caps always had a chance to win this, but it was going to be difficult while being outshot 30-17. Hopefully arena security at the Garden will be on the look out for the Kool-Aid Man in hopes to protect David Krejci.

Ottawa Senators (8) vs. New York Rangers (1) 7:00 - NYR leads series 1-0: The Rangers jumped all over Ottawa in game 1, building up to a 4-0 lead before relaxing their way to a relatively easy 4-2 victory. Maybe in game two, the Senators will be more than "happy to just be here."

San Jose Sharks (7) vs. St. Louis Blues (2) 7:30 - SJS leads series 1-0: The Blues tried to play game 1 as boring as possible, taking it to double-OT before finally giving up the game-winner to Marty Havlat. In reality, St. Louis was pretty dominant during extra time and Halak did look better than Niemi, but results are what matters and the result of game 1 is that the Blues are losing their series right now. Ha!

Chicago Blackhawks (6) vs. Phoenix Coyotes (3) 10:00 - PHX leads series 1-0:
I have to admit that when Brent Seabrook tied game 1 with 15 seconds left, I thought Chicago was going to eke out a victory they didn't deserve. Thankfully, Martin Hanzal had something to say about that. It feels really weird and kind of good not having to hate the Coyotes in the first round for a change.