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Round 1 Game 3: Red Wings vs. The Hot-to-Trotz

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Barry Trotz seen here calling a misconduct on his tailor.
Barry Trotz seen here calling a misconduct on his tailor.
Nashville Predators (4)
Team Detroit Red Wings (5)
48-26-8 104 Points Regular Season Record 48-28-6 102 Points
Pekka Rinne (43-18-8 2.39 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (35-17-4 2.13 GAA)
Blank Space - Series Score
Series Tied 1-1
12:00 PM EST Time - Television CBC, NBC, RDS

Our first round series moves back to the Motor City tied 1-1 after the Wings responded in game 2 and played with a lead like they should have. Detroit has eliminated Nashville's home ice advantage to this point, but that doesn't mean anything if they don't win their games on home ice.

The surface may be problematic today, as the Joe Louis Arena hosted a concert last night. Al Sobotka has been hard at work making sure that the ice will still be higher quality than the swampy garbage they have in the Bridgestone, but Detroit will need to be aware that passes may remain jumpy.

The Wings have the line matchups now and are playing in front of the best crowd in hockey. If they play their game, the scoreboard should favor them.

Let's go Red Wings.