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Monday Evening Open Thread

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Wake me when they get a shot off.
Wake me when they get a shot off.

So Zenon Konopka saying mean things to another player is the same thing as Shea Weber slamming a guy's head into glass, according to the NHL. The Wings need to play smarter and Franzen needs to focus better.

Tomorrow is another game, but until then, we've got more playoff action for you.

New York Rangers (1) at Ottawa Senators (8) 7:30 - CNBC: The Sens earned the split in the first two games in New York while losing the services of the all-important Matt Carkner to a one-game suspension for a premeditated beatdown (on a guy who probably did deserve to have his ass kicked). Now the series goes back to Ottawa where... stuff can happen? I don't know; I just don't see how the Sens win this series.

Boston Bruins (2) at Washington Capitals (7) 7:30 - NBCSN: Two barn-burners in Boston sees this 1-1 series transition to the nation's capital, where Tim Thomas must feel very comfortable. The first two games of this series have switched often between very exciting and excruciatingly boring. Here's to hoping Pierre McGuire is working this game, so we can listen to more about how much he absolutely hates Alex Semin.

St. Louis Blues (2) at San Jose Sharks (7) 10:00 - NBCSN: Game 2 ended in yet another series split as the Blues blanked San Jose even after their starting goalie was run by the Blues' very own Barret Jackman. Game 2 got ugly late and Brent Burns deserves every bit of the suspension that Carl Hagelin got for elbowing. The more exciting these games are, the more it benefits the Sharks.

It's your Monday evening open thread.