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Afternoon Thoughts: Ping-Pong Peurility and Zattasass

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So the Wings have quashed the rumors that Todd Bertuzzi took his ping-pong table away from the Predators last night, but have at least verified there was an incident in saying that "security" told them the table was off-limits. Honestly, nobody even cares how true this story is because it's funny. Preds fans are already planning their revenge while the tale injects another dose of much-needed levity to this playoffs season. TPL is already planning a shirt based on the incident and the 'shoppers are hard at work on gems like this:

Helene St. James has this bit of fun from an exchange between reporters, a Red Wings' employee and head coach Mike Babcock:

When a TV reporter asked Detroit coach Mike Babcock about it during his morning press conference, he said, "is that true or not?" A team spokesman yelled out, "no," which made Babcock laugh.

"So that’s why stuff like that is rumors," he said. "Lots of the rumors that are going around, honest to God, when I’m bored, I start them to get them going."

Overall, it's dumb and it's fun. None of it means anything for what's going to happen on the ice, but you do kind of like to see it as the blood warms in this series.

In other news, Red Wings' forward, Conn-Smythe winner, potential future-captain, and well-respected man Henrik Zetterberg gave his honest opinion when asked about the Shea Weber incident and its trickle-down effect on the playoffs. (From the Windsor Star)

"I think the league had a pretty good opportunity in Game 1 to set the bar, and I guess they did. There’s been a few incidents after that."

Zetterberg's words may not be loud, but they are definitely strong. Of course, this comes in the wake of Brendan Shanahan answering ONCE AGAIN with an exclusive interview with Bruce Dowbiggin at the Globe & Mail:

"In our view of the play and talking to the Detroit people, in our range of punishments from two minutes up to a possible multiple-game suspension, we were on the [punishment] where we thought we’d end up on it," Shanahan said Tuesday.

While Shanahan considered a suspension, Zetterberg’s health and Weber’s history of no previous discipline played a large part in the decision. "What I said to Weber is that this doesn’t end here with just a fine, that this is part of your record for the rest of the playoffs," Shanahan said.

So rest assured, folks. If Shea Weber ever decides to aim a punch at the base of a guy's skull and then grab his head and slam it into something, he'll definitely get in trouble next time.

Just over six hours to puck drop. Are you getting excited yet?