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The 15 Cleanest Teams in the NHL Since April 10th

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The playoffs have been brutal, but it's not all bad. A good half of the league has been able to keep their noses relatively clean since April 10th, invoking very little in the way of punishment for dirty acts and no supplemental discipline. In the spirit of finding a silver lining on the cloud that's been raining down nonstop headshots, I present you with the 15 cleanest teams in the NHL since April 10th:

15. Detroit Red Wings
T-1. Buffalo Sabres
T-1. Tampa Bay Lightning
T-1. Calgary Flames
T-1. Dallas Stars
T-1. Winnipeg Jets
T-1. Colorado Avalanche
T-1. Carolina Hurricanes
T-1. Minnesota Wild
T-1. Toronto Maple Leafs
T-1. New York Islanders
T-1. Montreal Canadiens
T-1. Edmonton Oilers
T-1. Columbus Blue Jackets
T-1. Anaheim Ducks

I know, I'm as surprised as you are to see the Colorado Avalanche and Anaheim Ducks top the list of the cleanest teams, but looking at the scoresheets, it's hard to argue that they've kept themselves out of trouble very well over the last eight days.