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Kyle Quincey Suspended 1 Game

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Kyle Quincey will not be able to experience the Blues-Red Wings rivalry Wednesday night as he was suspended for 1 game for his headshot on Tomas Kopecky on Sunday afternoon. The video from Brendan Shanahan goes into further detail, but it's important to note that he uses the word "leaps" and "significant contact" to describe the hit. However, based on the fact that Kopecky did not miss any time and this is Quincey's first ever offense of any kind (including fines), Shanny decided that one game was enough to suspend the former Avalanche and King player.

I'll admit that I am very shocked at how little he got. I fully expected 2-3 games considering Kopecky did nothing to put himself in the position to be hit (other than being bad at hockey) and this is a textbook example of what the league is trying to get out of the game. I was also hoping that a forced extended vacation might be good for Quincey to settle down and figure out what he needs to do in order to stop sucking. I'm sure allegations of bias on Shanny's part will be thrown around, but I think it's worth noting that you can barely see his Red Wing shirt underneath that sport coat.

Thoughts on the suspension? Too much? Too little? Sound off in the comments.