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NHL Playoffs Open Thread for Sunday, April 22

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Original(?) image from <a href=",235106" target="new">Puck Daddy</a>
Original(?) image from Puck Daddy

Well yesterday's open thread was certainly... something Spezzal.

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5) - 12:00 NBC: The Flyers have missed two chances already to close out the Penguins and are starting to look like the slightly-less composed team in this series. Now that the Penguins have figured out how to beat the Flyers at the Consol Energy Center, Philly will want to avoid going back there for a Game Seven. Andreas Lilja has 0 points and is a -3 in this series.

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Boston Bruins (2) at Washington Capitals (7) - 3:00 NBC: After yesterday's game, the Bruins find themselves on the brink of elimination needing to win a game at the Verizon Center to prevent Dale Hunter from successfully coaching a team into the 2nd round of the playoffs. Tyler Seguin was all around the net yesterday, but he has no points in this series. Meanwhile, Alex Semin's 3 goals (out of the team's 11 total) probably isn't hurting his chances of getting a decent contract this summer.

Stanley Cup of Chowder will probably happily teach you how to pronounce their blog's name.
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Los Angeles Kings (8) at Vancouver Canucks (1) - 8:00 NBCSN: Yes, this is Game 5 of a series I almost forgot was still going on because of the long break between games. The Canucks avoided the sweep in their last game, but did the long break between games serve to upset any momentum or did it just help to get some guys healthy? Is Daniel Sedin that crucial to the team? For the Kings, Drew Doughty and Rob Scuderi have each been on the ice for 4 of the Canucks' 7 goals in this one. Both are only a -1 on the series, but do the Kings want to play feast-or-famine with the top lines/pairs after the Canucks get better in that position?

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