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Winging It In Motown Radio: Episode 23

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We've reached Episode 23 and just like the defenseman who wears that number...we're checking out!

This will be our last podcast for a little bit. We might be back for a podcast around draft time and we will for sure do a podcast this summer around or on July 1 depending on what Ken Holland and the Red Wings do. Hell, we might even do a random podcast between now and then if we're bored or any breaking news comes out (e.g. Nicklas Lidstrom retiring). But for now, we leave you with the season finale of WIIM Radio. No guests this week. No rundown. Just me, Graham, Tyler and J.J sharing our thoughts on the end of the season and what we expect from the organ-i-zation moving forward.

Will Lidstrom retire? Will Ryan Suter and Zach Parise wear the Winged Wheel? Who will Brendan Smith's defensive partner be on the Red Wings next season? Find out the answers to those burning questions and more!

So enjoy the latest episode of WIIM Radio. You can check us out on iTunes and download the podcast to your iPod or iPhone. You can also download the episode here. Stick tap to Brandon Langer for creating our intro. Check out his other music on Facebook and iTunes.

Let's Go Red Wings.