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NHL Playoffs Open Thread for Wednesday, April 25th.

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The Game 7s start tonight with what I think will be the best of them.

Washington Capitals (7) vs. Boston Bruins (2) - 7:30 NBCSN: Boston staved off elimination in Washington on Sunday with a clutch overtime goal by Tyler Seguin (his first of the series). Now both teams face the long summer as they meet in Boston tonight in what turned from a very tight goaltenders' battle into more of a war between the teams. Washington is 2-1 at the TD Garden in this series and Braden Holtby is the scarier-looking goaltender so far. Can Tim Thomas recover some of the Conn Smythe magic he had last year? Are the Bruins guns starting to wake up? Man, this should be a good one tonight.

Japers' Rink for the Caps Perspective
Stanley Cup of Chowder for the Bruins.

Let's go hockey