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Saturday Hockey Watching Open Thread

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Awww, don't be sad, Raddles. You'll always have your CORSI.
Awww, don't be sad, Raddles. You'll always have your CORSI.

Out of 28 possible games in the 2nd round, I'm 1-for-1 in preferred outcomes after Mike Fisher mistook everybody in red for a teammate and Sergei Kostitsyn ran out of the magic juice that makes him not completely terrible. The Coyotes were able to overcome the Predators getting a lucky bounce and a soft call and finish off the game on a Shea Weber error. Of course, it's really nothing new seeing Shea Weber lose his marbles after 60 minutes of hockey. It's just a lot more fun when the only potential head trauma to come out of it is from Predators fans facepalming over some brutally stupid coverage in their own end.

Two more series get underway today as the top remaining seeds in each conference welcome their next opponents.

Washington Capitals (7) vs. New York Rangers (1) - 3:00 NBC: For the Rangers, having to take seven games to finish off the eighth-seeded Senators was a mistake, but also a possible wakeup call. Meanwhile, the Capitals probably cared far less about how they got their first round over with than the fact that they were able to beat the two-seeded Bruins. They'll start the fun at Madison Square Garden this afternoon where both teams should still have momentum carrying them forward from their recently-ended series.

Blueshirt Banter (Rangers)
Japers' Rink (Capitals)

Los Angeles Kings (8) vs. St. Louis Blues (2) - 7:30 NBCSN: The Kings played a great series against the Presidents' Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks to get out of the first round, where their prize is a series against the St. Louis Blues team which easily handled the Sharks. Momentum won't be a thing for these teams, but at least freshness will. The speed at which they each dispatched their opponents means that neither of these teams have played since Monday. Which squad gets their wheels spinning first in what's looking like a full series full of 1-goal games?

St. Louis Game Time (Blues)
Jewels From The Crown (Kings)

I don't think I really have to ask the folks around here which team they're rooting for in the late game (seriously, if you're pulling for the Blues, unfuck your brain), but how many people care who wins the Washington/New York series? It feels like there's more Rangers fans around here. I'll probably know by today's end which team I want to win, but it's always a bit fun to go into a series with no rooting interest and see what stupid little things cause one to form.