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Sunday Afternoon Hockey Watchin' Open Thread

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So far the weekend's gotten off to a great start. If I were any bigger a fan of Pacific Division hockey, I would have to resign my post here and go write sex offender jokes over at Battle Of California. Of course, when you're rooting against the Blues and Predators, those things practically write themselves. St. Louis crapped all over their own ice in a Game 1 loss to the Los Angeles Kings where they got what should have been a game-changing power play opportunity and promptly gave up the game-winner on a shorthanded chance.

Way to be, idiots.

At any rate, the other Eastern series finally gets rolling today and Nashville will look to "dominate" Phoenix again despite never having the lead in Game 1. Join us for a live blog of both games today.

New Jersey Devils (6) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5) - 3:00 NBC: The puck drops on Game 1 between two Atlantic Division rivals who were separated by just one point in the standings. Despite that, the going logic is that Philly is going to wipe the floor with the Devils. Based on me being wrong about everything else (except how terrible Nashville fans are), I'm going to guess that the Devils win this game 9-2.

Broad Street Hockey (Flyers)
In Lou We Trust (Devils)

Nashville Predators (5) vs. Phoenix Coyotes (3) - 8:00 NBCSN: The Coyotes won Game 1 despite Nashville again catching lucky breaks. They've still got a problem with trying to sit on leads and having that bite them in the ass late in games, but Mike Smith had an incredible start to the series. I hope that by the end of Game 4, Nashville fans are writing about how they should sit their leading scorer and try shooting less so that people can completely miss the satire. Look for my new favorite player "The Mutant" Oliver X-man Larsson to have another good game.

Five For Howling (Coyotes)
Section 303 (Predators)

...that nickname is never going to stick, is it? I blame Shane Doan for giving him a lame nickname in the first place.