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Saturday Links/Open Thread: Flip is Hard

Valtteri Filppula is so focused and hardcore. It's like they just forgot to dub this all to 'Lose Yourself'. Let's do some links and then just leave this one up for tonight's Game 7.

Hockeytown: No Limits

Give Me Patrick Kane " The Production Line - TP:60
Disch from TPL's been drinking the turpentine, but you know what? He's not completely off his rocker. Kane is among the dumbest people in the NHL, but the kid puts up points and would likely be better-sheltered in Detroit than he was in Chicago. The risk/reward on this one is big time. It wouldn't take me long to stop throwing up long enough to welcome him to [urp] Detroit.

Wings coach Mike Babcock motivated to win another Cup, Olympic gold medal | The Detroit News |
It's hard to remember that Babcock is only 49, since at times the job makes him look like he's pushing 60. Still, he really does enjoy his work. You can question his tactics, but nobody questions Babcock's drive.

Could Stuart be on his way back to San Jose? | ProHockeyTalk
I shall call this "articles from this February."

The Malik Report : Justice for the Mule? Russian players may be disciplined for spearing, breaking Wings forward’s nose
The Sweden vs. Russia game at the Worlds got a little heated and Franzen ended up getting his nose broken. Sweden was up 3-1 in the 2nd period and went on to a 7-3 defeat at the hands of the Russian squad, who woke up on the power play thanks to a couple of dives by Alexei Emelin. Malik has the videos of Franzen getting abused, as well as the Val Filppula video I borrowed for the header of this post (you're welcome, ladies).

Elsewhere around the league:

The Vocal vs. The Money - The Cannon
Matt Wagner takes an interesting look at the screaming "fire everybody!" fans versus the stuff that organizations actually listen to, the money stream.

30 Embarrassing NHL Team Name Google Image Search Results - Battle of California
The most embarrassing Google image search result for each NHL team. Don't skip right to Detroit and then get mad because it's not the funniest. This stuff is great.

For better and worse, players from the former Soviet bloc - 05.14.12 - SI Vault
New evidence states that Raddletits only missed curfew by one hour instead of the "out until 4 AM" we have previously heard. Naturally, some Preds fans are now mad at the team for what they're calling an overreaction. I call those people idiots. Team rules are team rules and those jerks blatantly disregarded them. Besides, anybody who actually watched Game 2 knew how bad Radulov looked.

Down Goes Brown: A fan's guide to handling the pressure of Game Seven
DGB has some helpful tips for the fans going into tonight.

Game Preview:

Washington Capitals (7) vs. New York Rangers (1) - 7:30 NBCSN: It all comes down to tonight as both of these teams want to be the one to win their second game 7 of this playoff season. I'm rooting for a blowout either way just because I think it would be hilarious. I've made peace with the idea that I could go 0-for-4 on my 2nd round predictions, I just want tonight's game to consistently match the excitement that the overall series has reached, despite long stretches of kind of boring hockey.

Blueshirt Banter (Rangers)
Japers' Rink (Capitals)