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Monday Open Thread: Eastern Conference Semifinals

Fedotenko seen here trying to revive Brodeur's career.
Fedotenko seen here trying to revive Brodeur's career.

The Coyotes got a goal from center ice and still couldn't beat a Kings team which carried play for most of last night. Tonight we'll see the other intra-division conference finals series touch off as it's the Atlantic's turn.

New Jersey Devils (6) vs. New York Rangers (1) - 8:00 NBCSN: One of the best goaltenders of all time goes up against one of the best goaltenders currently playing as tonight's series starts. These two teams were separated by six points and three positions in their division this year, as both squads were better defensively than offensively, and both rely on a tough-to-play-against American captain and a highly-skilled european to create offense for them. I continue to root against New Jersey for purely selfish and Red Wings-related reasons (both historical and future).

Blueshirt Banter (Rangers)
In Lou We Trust (Devils)