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Coyotes, Dodos, Rangers/Devils? Eastern Conference Finals Open Thread

He's going to pump *clap* a-you Rupp!
He's going to pump *clap* a-you Rupp!

So the Western Conference finals are over and the Kings will compete for the Cup. But, while the men watch (*gag), the East still has a war raging to see who'll meet them.

New Jersey Devils (6) vs. New York Rangers (1) - 8:00 NBCSN: the back-and-forth battle of these two teams continue with neither showing what is looking to be the advantage the rest of the way. It felt in the first round like the Rangers just took too long eliminating the Senators. The 2nd round was closer, but New York was clearly the better team playing. This round? I'm not so sure the 1-seed is the better team right now. Then again, they win every other game, so we'll see if it's still the Rangers' turn.

Blueshirt Banter (Rangers)
In Lou We Trust (Devils)

Tonight's prediction: Brodeur outbattles Lunqvist.