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Quick Hits: Rangers on The Brink

Lundqvist, minutes before being abducted by the mothership and probed.
Lundqvist, minutes before being abducted by the mothership and probed.

I didn't see last night's game because when somebody offers to take your two-year old off your hands for a night, you go see that big movie everybody's been talking about for weeks (not the one with Tom Hanks). I see the Devils broke the alternating streak.

Hockeytown: No Limits

The Malik Report : Updated: a Nicklas Lidstrom red herring reminds us to not joke about a certain Red Wing’s future
Yesterday, an innocuous tweet from a small source lit off a firestorm when a misunderstanding of a joke led to somebody Tweeting about a certain somebody's retirement. It's like yelling 'Fire!' in a theater crowded with snowmen.

Jiri Hudler will benefit from thin free-agent market; how much is he worth to Red Wings? (poll) |
Hudler is going to get a raise because there aren't many UFAs out there who can put up 25 goals. One interesting idea I've seen would to be sign him as an insurance policy against free agency disaster and then move him if everything goes well.

The Hunger Games - Red Wings Edition : Octopus Thrower
It's a long summer.

Wings are perfect fit for Ryan Suter and Zach Parise | The Detroit News |
So just how likely is it that the two biggest free agents this season are a package deal?

Wings look to build new arena in Detroit : Windsor Star
Dave Waddell takes a good look at the details surrounding the Wings' new arena as well as what the team wants and why they're dropping in capacity.

Elsewhere around the League

Minnesota Wild Sign Mikael Granlund - Hockey Wilderness
Granlund is a Finnish Star who had a good showing at the Worlds. For a $2.1M cap hit, it would be kind of ok if he Leinos on them. The bigger thing to consider is that this signing makes the Wild better and therefore a slightly more attractive team to certain free agents.

A Dream to a Nightmare and Back: New Jersey Devils Take Game 5 from New York Rangers, 5-3 - In Lou We Trust
The Devils are one win away from meeting the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. Life doesn't make sense.

Twitter / @dchesnokov: Oh, Sasha.
According to a Russian report, Alex Semin had a meeting with media and fans yesterday for which he overslept. When they did get a hold of him, he just said he wasn't coming. The event was rescheduled, but chalk this up in the "con" list if you're considering the risk/reward for the Wings signing him.

Alain Vigneault Signs Extension - Nucks Misconduct
This was obvious since Gillis got extended, but now it's official.

NHL Awards 2012: SB Nation Bloggers Select Lady Byng Trophy Winner -
SB Nation's collection of hockey bloggers have teamed up to vote for the 2012 NHL Awards. Yesterday, we revealed our selection for the Lady Byng Trophy. Also, somebody in the comments called Datsyuk a jerk.

CBC announces ‘While the Men Watch Hockey Night,’ sets off backlash over sexism | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The WIIM Twitter got quoted and J.J. got a text from Anne FromKansas for making her famous.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2011-12 Phoenix Coyotes | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The degenerates from Second City Hockey did the Coyotes' eulogy and it was good.